This year we will all have the opportunity to change the way that Scotland is governed, and by whom.

For 14 years that the SNP have been in charge. Time and again, they've proved incapable of delivering high quality, essential public services.


They are simply not up to the job, leaving a track record of failure - delayed hospitals, falling education standards, worst drug deaths in Europe, multiple economic failures, and poor standards of conduct.


The list goes on.

Repeatedly blaming their own failures on “Westminster”, taking every opportunity to fuel division and grievance, they have incessantly pushed for another independence referendum ahead of everything else. Despite the people of Scotland having given a clear NO decision in 2014, despite dealing with the outcomes of Brexit, despite global Coronavirus and dealing with vaccine rollout, despite all the struggles we continue to face, once again they've declared this to be their highest priority.

We, the Scottish Liberal Democrats - during two earlier sessions of the Scottish Parliament working with not against other parties - have proved our competence, demonstrating diligence and fairness in delivering the first-class public services we all deserve.

It's is well beyond the time for a fresh government for Scotland.

We believe that we have the best people and the best policies to deliver what Scotland desperately needs.

We hope that you agree.


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AC May

Holyrood Constituency Candidate

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Catriona Bhatia

South of Scotland Region - Primary Candidate

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Jonny Adamson

Leaderdale & Melrose - Council Candidate

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Jenny Marr

South of Scotland Region - Secondary Candidate

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John Ferry

Westminster Constituency Candidate