I Stand With CHAS

It's my hope that all candidates - across the political spectrum - come together in supporting the CHAS manifesto. Over the next 5 years we must use the powers of the Scottish Parliament as intended - for cooperating Scotland-wide for the common good #IStandWithCHAS #Holyrood2021

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The Question of Scottish Independence

The question of Scottish independence is too important for the people of Scotland to be gamed, misled or deceived.

The consequences would be massive and wide-ranging, with the economic impacts affecting all aspects of our lives.

If the SNP wishes to be taken seriously by the majority of the Scottish population - beyond its devoted following - it must take a facts-based approach, providing and publishing credible plans, reports and projections.

We've had enough of the years of bluster and the sleight of hand.




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Put Recovery First in Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale

ScotLibDems Secure Budget Amendments

We think that people expect parties to work together in the middle of a pandemic. Our focus has been to put recovery first.

We have highlighted the need for business support, an education bounce back plan, and better mental health services, given the pressure we know that the virus crisis has put on people.


Budget Summary

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Release The OECD Report on Scottish Education

Release the OECD Report into Scottish Education

Let us judge the unvarnished truth.

Classroom Image

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Marie Curie’s 2021 Scottish Election Pledge

I am supporting Marie Curie’s work toward a Scotland where dying, death and bereavement is talked about openly, where people can plan and discuss their care and preferences, and everyone affected has the best possible end of life experience which reflects what is most important to them.

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Say No To IndyRef2

We need an end to the infighting of the SNP, and their constant wrangles over plans for independence.

We need to put the country first - people's needs in their everyday lives. 

We need to Put Recovery First.

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Time to Referee the Conservatives

It's about time we took a long, hard look at the record of the Conservatives...

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Time For Change

Support the #ExcludedUK & #ForgottenLtd

Urgent Support Needed for the UK's Excluded 3 Million 

Will next month's budget be yet another slap in the face to small businesses that have paid taxes for years?

Supermarkets have handed back the support money they didn't need... Where has it gone?

Meanwhile cosy government contracts are awarded to firms with no experience and no due process.


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