Drummond Begg

Tweeddale West - Council Candidate

Hi, I'm Drummond Begg, and I'm standing to be a Councillor for Tweeddale West in the upcoming elections.


What makes you get involved?

I care passionately about a sustainable future for us all.
I believe that government (local and national) should focus more on the basics of providing good public services. I love the community that I live in and want to encourage a positive 'can do' attitude going forward. I would like to bring some positivity as we dust ourselves down after the pandemic.
Liberal Democrats are team players, I like the way they try to bring people together to solve problems.


What are your main areas of focus?

The communities that make up West Tweeddale have their own specific issues from public toilets through to schools. I am grateful to everyone that completed the survey that we ran in the area.
I will focus on each communities specific issues working with my fellow councillors if elected.
We have a new High School to build in Peebles - this is important to get right for the next generation.
We need to support those in our Health and social care systems manage the significant demand/ capacity gap that has developed over the last decade.
Everything we do should be sustainable going forward.


And before getting involved in politics?

I have lived in West Linton and worked as a GP in Penicuik for almost 25 years. I have been involved in teaching and training doctors, nurses and professions allied to medicine over the last 20 years. I am married to Christina with 3 children. Although born and brought up in Yorkshire, I feel that Tweeddale is my home having lived most of my adult life here.


And when it's time to relax?

I enjoy playing most sports and enjoy cycling (although not so much on a rainy morning commuting to Penicuik!!). I like most outdoor activities especially hillwalking.
I have been planting trees for over 30 years, a passion that I inherited from my father and maintained by a sister who is a forester.
I currently enjoy walking round Tweeddale West knocking on doors and delivering leaflets with friends!
Finally, I am fortunate to have great friends and a fantastic family who are phenomenally kind and supportive/ tolerant!!