Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform

The environment, climate change and land reform brief is one of the widest-ranging in the Scottish Parliament, and for good reason. The decisions we take in this area now will have ramifications for years to come, both domestically and on the international stage.

As Glasgow prepares to host COP26 we in Scotland have a unique chance to demonstrate our environmental leadership, but in recent years constitutional squabbling has hindered our progress. As we exit the Covid-19 pandemic we must meet our ambitions head on and commit all of our focus to a green, just recovery. There is simply no more time to lose.

I am honoured to be an advocate for the Scottish Liberal Democrat vision of sustainable environmental restoration, decisive climate action and radical land reform - all of which, when enacted together, will foster a fairer, more liberal society for generations to come.


Molly Nolan

- Molly Nolan, Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Spokesperson, Scottish Liberal Democrats


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