Support the #ExcludedUK & #ForgottenLtd

Urgent Support Needed for the UK's Excluded 3 Million 

Will next month's budget be yet another slap in the face to small businesses that have paid taxes for years?

Supermarkets have handed back the support money they didn't need... Where has it gone?

Meanwhile cosy government contracts are awarded to firms with no experience and no due process.


This is not an actor in the linked video below (on Twitter).
  • This is a real person, a business owner, a tax payer . This is a a not acceptable. Gary is a struggling #ForgottenLtd. He and many other small limited company directors are being ignored by Rishi Sunak, going under and being swamped with debt. Once that happens, they cannot simply recover post-pandemic.
  • Where's the sense in that?
  • More info is available from #ForgottenLtd here
  • You can add your name in support of the Liberal Democrats pushing this issue here
  • The Liberal Democrats are leading cross-party pressure on this issue.

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