Jenny Marr

South of Scotland Region - Secondary Candidate

Hi, I'm Jenny Marr, and I'm standing for the Scottish Liberal Democrats on the South of Scotland Regional List in the upcoming elections this year.


What makes you get involved?

I've always felt naturally drawn to liberalism. Believing in the individual, trusting in them and providing them the tools they need to be successful. A belief that - regardless of where you’re from or who you love - you deserve to live the best life you can.

I made the decision to stand in the General Election in 2019 because I looked to Edinburgh and London and I was utterly fed up with decisions being made – or not – and the lack of good representation. I couldn’t sit and watch anymore – I had to try and make a change.


What are your main areas of focus?

Right now my priority has to be a fair recovery from the coronavirus crisis. Since March the curtains have been pulled back on where the help is most needed and we need to have a needle sharp focus on getting help to all those in that position. As Further and Higher Education Spokesperson for the Scottish Liberal Democrats I want to ensure all those in the education system – staff, teachers and pupils - are protected. Ultimately, I want to work to tackle the root of inequality which is poverty and keep the climate crisis at the top of everyone’s agenda.


And before getting involved in politics?

I joined the Scottish Liberal Democrats whilst I was a student at Aberdeen University. After university I had two part-time jobs - one with Marie Curie as a Fundraising Assistant for the North East of Scotland, and the other as a receptionist in a hotel. Both jobs allowed me to meet lots of people, which is something I've always loved. The role at Marie Curie inspired me to study for a fundraising qualification with the Institute of Fundraising. I was able to put this to good use supporting community groups applying for grants in the Borders.


From there I moved to a multinational oil and gas company as a customs and logistics co-ordinator. It was my responsibility to make sure everything we imported and exported was done by the book and that the orders were correct. My time there was invaluable as I learned a lot about business and industry.


And when it's time to relax?

Anything related to cooking or baking! I once applied for the Great British Bake Off and could be easily tempted by Masterchef. I’ve really enjoyed being able to spend more time in the kitchen and try more complicated recipes. I’m also a massive bookworm, and love biography and memoir in particular.