Kris Chapman

Tweeddale Councillor

Hi, I'm Kris Chapman, and I'm Councillor for Tweeddale on Scottish Borders Council, with the Scottish Liberal Democrats.


What makes you get involved?

To be a voice for those in our society who don't feel they have one. Whether it's supporting our communities against ill-thought-through developments, having a say in the decision-making process, or tackling the potholes and broken pavements that plague our street.


What are your main areas of focus?

Fighting against inequality. I see and hear about many issues which affect so my people, from poor public transport, lack of affordable housing, people struggling to find work, to the lack of opportunities for young people in the area.


And before getting involved in politics?

I joined the Scottish Liberal Democrats whilst I was at The University in Aberdeen, I would spend much of my time outside of my studies involved with the University's Students Association - standing up for students rights, calling for change and highlighting injustices.


Once graduated I worked at a call centre for the local city council, before finding my feet here in the Scottish Borders becoming a youth worker for the past 6 years. Through this job, I heard about the hard realities of young people lives, right here in Peebles. Seeing this first hand I decided to run for office in 2017.  


And when it's time to relax?

I really love cooking, after a long day there is nothing better than tucking into some good home-cooked food!