The Question of Scottish Independence

The question of Scottish independence is too important for the people of Scotland to be gamed, misled or deceived.

The consequences would be massive and wide-ranging, with the economic impacts affecting all aspects of our lives.

If the SNP wishes to be taken seriously by the majority of the Scottish population - beyond its devoted following - it must take a facts-based approach, providing and publishing credible plans, reports and projections.

We've had enough of the years of bluster and the sleight of hand.




Today, the very day that the Hamilton Inquiry is to publish its (redacted) findings as to whether the First Minister broke the Ministerial Code by misleading the Scottish Parliament, the SNP chooses this day to publish its draft IndyRef2 Bill.

Distraction, deflection and deceit.

I find this disgraceful, and we all know which will feature in the headlines of The National.

Scotland needs to be rid of these people from the heart of government.


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